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Hand Blended, Organic and Divine teas for your drinking pleasure

Zee Tea is an amazing tea drinking experience

Janice's Recommendations

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Hi, my name is Janice and I’m proud to present to you Zee Tea – featuring my beautiful organic tea products.

I am delighted to  share with you some things I know about tea.  These days, a good cup of tea is never far from my grasp and its an absolute prerequisite for long hours in front of the computer.  I have found that it helps with concentration and focus whilst providing a source of comfort, refreshment and sometimes even enlightenment!

I’ll be posting regular updates and hope to take you on a journey of tea from its ancient beginnings to the full glory of its modern day uses.  Nothing too technical, its all about getting maximum enjoyment from your cup of tea and that includes using the correct brewing and storage methods, being aware of some basic facts about tea and, of course, the importance of using organic tea.

Each blog will also review a different tea from our range – over 60 different types of teas that are entirely organic and have been hand blended with the utmost care and attention to detail.  We have everything from classics such as English Breakfast to exotic brews like the ever popular Choc Chai as well as soothing herbal blends.  Also look out for iced tea and cocktail tea recipes.


Customer Testimonials

Fiona Lucas

Fiona Lucas

People might think I’m being biased because my company Socially Skilled is helping Zee Tea get out in the marketplace; but let me assure you that ethical marketing is a huge part of my ethos and I would not recommend any organisation that I did not have complete faith in.   Zee Tea is different because it is hand blended, with love, by Janice herself.  She carefully mixes and tests every blend – and they are magnificient.  I have had the wonderful experience of trialling several of her blends and every single one has delighted my senses and I can never stop at one cup!   Try Zee Tea – you wont be disappointed.

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